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Coding Classes for Kids That Get Results

Coding classes for kids are a great way to introduce children to the world of programming and computer science. These classes are designed to be engaging, age-appropriate, and educational as below :

  • Animation and Games with Scratch
  • Logic with Scratch
  • Intro to Text-based Programming
  • Programming Fundamentals with Python
  • Logic with Python
  • Modular Programming with Python
  • Creating Websites with HTML/CSS
  • Responsive Websites with HTML/CSS
  • Interactive Websites with JavaScript

  • Intro to Programming with Python.
  • Beyond Basics with Python.

  • Webpages with HTML & CSS.

  • Responsive Web Development.
  • Interactive JavaScript.
  • Web Interfaces.
  • Intro to Databases.
  • Mastering APIs.
  • Mastering Databases.

  • Intro to Python.
  • Fundamentals of Web Development.
  • User Interface Development.
  • APIs and Databases.
  • Professional Web App Development.
  • Modern CSS Framework.
  • Mastering MVC Framework.
  • ORM.
  • DevOps and Software Engineering.
  • Real-World Project.

      Programming is Easy with QualifyEd

      It's better to learn coding while you are playing and increase your logical and analytical skills without spending much time . Many of our students are learning programming skills and developing their own games .

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      CODING With Playing

      At Junior QualifyEd, we offer a diverse range of courses designed to cater to kids of all ages and skill levels. Our carefully crafted curriculum covers various programming languages and game development, providing a comprehensive learning experience....Problem-solving is the key ability in programming. Programming is all about it. So, in video games you will be presented with challenges that require you, depending on the game, more or less, to think in a logical way.

      Game Development

      Most kids loving playing video games, and some of them will even go on to express an interesting in making a game themselves. This could result in your child becoming a professional video game designer; which a great career to have!. So, if your child does want to make a video game and you don’t know where to start, here’s a quick introduction....We’ll start off with some games they can play which involve elements of customisation, then some games kids can create themselves, plus some more advanced tools. These offer a great roadmap for your child to become a video game designer.


      What is QyalifyEd and what do you offer for kids?
      QyalifyEd is a place where kids can learn coding in a fun and interactive environment. We offer a range of coding programs designed specifically for children.

      At what age can kids start learning to code at QyalifyEd?
      We welcome children as young as 8 to start their coding journey with us

      What coding languages or platforms do you teach?
      Our programs cover a variety of languages and platforms, including C,C++,JAVA,Python,.net,php etc. We tailor our curriculum to suit the age and skill level of each child.

      What types of coding programs do you offer?
      We offer a diverse range of programs, including introductory courses, advanced coding classes, game development, robotics, and more.
      How are the classes structured?
      Classes are structured to be engaging and age-appropriate. We focus on hands-on activities and projects to reinforce coding concepts.

      Do you provide coding materials and equipment?
      Yes, we provide all necessary materials and equipment for the classes. Students may also bring their laptops if they prefer.

      Who teaches the coding classes?
      Our classes are taught by experienced and qualified instructors with a passion for both coding and teaching.

      What is the student-to-instructor ratio in your classes?
      We maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention, with a typical ratio of 4:1.

      How do you support students who may need extra help or challenges?
      Our instructors are skilled in adapting to individual learning needs. We provide additional support for those who need it and offer advanced challenges for those ready to progress further.

      How do I enroll my child in a coding program?
      You can enroll your child through our website www.qualifyed.in or contact our support team.

      What is the duration and frequency of the coding classes?
      The duration and frequency of classes vary depending on the program. Details can be found on our website or by contacting our team.

      Is financial aid or scholarships available?
      We offer multiple scholarship programs time to time.

      Do you organize any events or showcases for students to display their projects?
      Yes, we organize regular events and showcases where students can demonstrate the projects they have worked on during the programs.

      Can parents attend classes or workshops?
      We encourage parents to attend showcase events and workshops. However, regular classes are designed for students only to ensure a focused learning environment.


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      "Our aspiring web developers are shaping the digital landscape with proficiency in web development."


      "Our students exhibit a mastery of coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, and more."

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      Virtual Gaming

      Virtual gaming refers to a form of interactive entertainment where players engage with a computer-generated or simulated environment. This environment can be entirely fictional, like a fantasy world, or it can mimic real-world settings and activities. Virtual gaming is typically experienced through video games, and it has evolved significantly over the years thanks to advances in technology.

      VR Technology



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      Software Engineer

         As a mentor on QualifyEd, I've witnessed incredible growth in my students. The platform's engaging content and supportive community make it the ideal space for aspiring coders to thrive. Highly recommended!.  

      Sarthak Kaushik

      Software Engineer

        QualifyEd goes beyond traditional coding education. The personalized mentorship is the key to unlocking potential. I've seen students gain confidence and skills that go far beyond the classroom. Truly impressive!.